LongBoard Stair-Rover (2013)
Ours d’Or – bonbon Haribo (1922)
Première automobile moderne (1889)
Fer à repasser  (IVe siècle)

Transformer : flexible aircraft system


When reality catches up with science fiction… The British BAE Systems, which specializes in the field of defense is the inventor of Transformer, a stealth fighter plane 3 in 1. The Transformer is a flexible aircraft system. In hostile area, Continue reading

Qylatron : automated checkpoints


Control people and their luggage at the entrance of a sensitive place like a football stadium or an airport… Qylatron, the invention of Qylur security systems smoothens access. This self service, automated multi-threat checkpoints for mass public venues is composed Continue reading

Radinn electric powered wakeboard (motorized surfboard)


Radinn AB, a young Swedish company wants to revolutionize the watersport-industry… Mission accomplished with this electric powered wakeboard, the first invention of Philip Werner, its founder. This board in carbon fiber with an electric propulsion engine was imagined in 2012. Continue reading