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Steve Jobs unveiled the invention of the Mac, iMac, iPhone or iPadTim Cook, the new captain of the ship Apple will be the man who launched the Apple Watch, first connected watch of the brand. « The Apple Watch is the most personal device ever created by Apple » said Tim Cook. This watch dedicated to health should help the wearer to have a healthier lifestyle. Apple Watch features a touch screen « sapphire » glass that does not scratch. A wheel just like that of mechanical watches can zoom or scroll through a list of applications on the screen. Apple Watch has an accelerometer, it can also detect the heartbeat and even use GPS iPhone 5 and 6. When traveling, it automatically goes to the local time. As for the charging, it is wireless by induction. Another innovation: Apple intends to shake up the world of payments with this watch that could replace your wallet in the future. Apple Watch has NFC technology used by Apple Pay, a new contactless payment service. No credit card data is stored. And to improve safety, a unique number is created for each payment. This connected watch opens yet new horizons for Apple.


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