Beach umbrella sand anchor

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A revolutionary beach umbrella sand anchor… This essential beach product is the invention of Bernard Pavo. This beach umbrella sand anchor enables the simple and rapid fixing of a beach-umbrella in the ground. It also resists sudden and forceful gusts of wind, which can injure people round about by taking beach-umbrellas away.
This beach-umbrella sans anchor really does users a service by sparing them the trouble of digging a hole by hand, inserting the beach-umbrella picket, then overlaying with sand, either heavily activating the holder in rotation, trying to make it penetrate, or striking on its superior extremity with a hammer or a rock to stick it in.

Before, the beach-umbrella sans anchor ended with a point and required one of these three methods to make it penetrate with more or less difficulty in a loose or hard ground, thanks to this invention of beach-umbrella sand anchor, the drawbacks of beach-umbrellas fixing are all over.
The inventor is searching for a manufacturer, distributor.

Contact :
bpavo [@] laposte [dot] net

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