Belocopa : ejection distress beacon to locate the aircraft wrecks at sea

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A distress beacon that ejects a plane crash at sea, rises to the surface with a buoy and transmits GPS position via satellites… This is the system invented by TETHYS, a French SME pyrotechnics in partnership with ACSA and ISEI. The object of this project is not to relive the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the MH370 flight occurred in March 2014.
This device called Belocopa (ejection buoy for Locating and Settings theft of aircraft crashed into the sea) would reduce the cost of search of a wreck. The direction of TETHYS ensures that its system is preferable to an ejection Flight Data Recorder which would require changes in the structure of the aircraft.
The system includes a set of sensors that detect shock and immersion. In case of drama, the distress beacon is immediately ejected into the cabin of the piercing device. Belocopa then transmits its data remotely without intervention means submarines. The ejection distress beacon stores twenty main flight parameters. This would allow investigators to make a pre-analysis of the circumstances of the crash. The module is functional during 10 years without maintenance.


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