Jack-o’-lantern : pumpkin lantern

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Jack-o’-lantern, pumpkin lantern is the most popular figure of Halloween… This character is inherited from an old Irish tale. Jack was a blacksmith Marshal stingy, drunken, nasty and self-centered. After rolling the devil several times during his life of debauchery, the gates of Paradise are refused as those of hell. It is then condemned to wander in darkness with a piece of burning coal that place in a hollowed turnip. Since then, every Halloween night, the Irish did so in remembrance of lost souls. But during the mass exodus to the United States in the nineteenth century, migrants replaced the turnips with pumpkins they found on site, thus inventing the figure now spread worldwide. Jack-o’-lantern, Halloween pumpkin lantern emblematic therefore reappears each year on the evening of October 31 to the delight of beautiful little and big kids.

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