Michelin A/S Evergrip tire

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Michelin invented the tire of the future… With its EverGrip technology, new tire brand called Premier A/S (All season) regenerates itself. The promise of manufacturing Clermont : ensuring efficient stopping distances on wet surfaces even after accumulating thousands of kilometers. With a conventional tire, over time , the grooves are shallower and the vehicle loses its grip in wet weather. Tire first A/S EverGrip , he uses a mixture of gums, high silica content, which shortens stopping distances. Another feature of the tire : its grooves that serve to drain water widen as she wear to compensate for their loss of depth. In addition, other sculptures appear as the kilometers on the outskirts of the tread. These innovations allow the Prime A/S EverGrip keep optimal performance over time, and especially on wet roads.

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