Pani Vending : automaton of warm bread

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An automaton of warm bread capable of selling baguettes baked 24h/24 upon request… This is the patented invention by a baker Mosellan, Jean-Louis Hecht and his brother Jean-Claude. This « Pani Vending » has been available since mid-2012. The machine incorporates a cooler that keeps a few days no less than 120 baguettes precooked. These are then passed automatically to the furnace apparatus to complete their cooking in a few seconds to the order. This revolutionary controller has a monitoring and remote maintenance. The « Pani Vending » received first prize in the contest Lépine 2014, the President of the Republic. This automaton homemade baguettes should reduce queues at bakeries, easily distribute hot and crispy breads in remote villages but also sell fresh French baguette abroad.


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