Skysails : kite for cargo

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Reduce energy costs and pollution of supertankers by the wind… Stéphane Wrage, a German engineer based in Hamburg is the inventor of the propulsion system Skysails a giant kite to tow cargo vessels, large yachts and large fishing vessels. The deployment of the wing, its management in the air and recovery vessels are fully automated. This sail has similarities with kitesurfing. Deployed at sea at an altitude of 100 to 300 meters where the winds are strong, this huge kite allows boats to drop by 10 to 35% fuel consumption. The first installation of Skysails on a merchant ship Beluga SkySails took place in December 2007. Knowing that cargo consumes an average of 14 tons of fuel per day, the savings from this kite sea is very popular with owners.


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