Consult-Station H4D : e-health booths

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A doctor anywhere anytime… the Consult-Stations of society H4D allow to remotely monitor the physiological constants of a patient. At the heart of this patented and certified device, it is possible to make a complete checkup and reliable. Blood pressure to heart rate passing through the temperature, weight or blood oxygen levels, this e-health booths measures all the vital and biometric parameters automatically and guided. This medical office can be controlled by the doctor himself who dialogue with the patient by videoconference. We find in some models of Consult-Station additional equipment for electrocardiograms, hearing tests, blood sugar, etc… The health check performed, a comprehensive and confidential medical file is immediately created for traditional tracking. Consult-Stations should appeal to many Town Halls intend to fight against medical deserts but also industrial seeking to establish a successful medical unit for example, on oil rigs.


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