ISSpresso : coffee capsules machine for space

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Drinking coffee on board the International Space Station, Italian astronauts dreamed about it… The ISSpresso performs this technological challenge in November 2014. This coffee capsules machine for space overcomes the constraints of gravity. The ISSpresso was invented by the famous brand coffee Lavazza, combined with Argotec, a specialist in the preparation of foods suitable for consumption in space and ASI, the Italian Space Agency. One year of research and development were needed. The ISSpresso like an espresso machine that you can find on Earth, except that it defies the laws of fluid dynamics. The tube that carries water into the coffee machine is designed stainless steel to withstand a pressure of 400 bars. Espresso coffee will be served in closed containers to prevent the beverage escaping into the ISS. It will be drunk with a straw by astronauts. This coffee break in space will no doubt have the opportunity to exchange and share…


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