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Ethan Zuckerman… This man is the inventor of the pop-up, the pop that open over the contents of a website. The code of these pop-up ads was written in the mid-1990s. At the time the American scientist working for Tripod.com, a web host personal pages. The development of this code had helped hide the banner of an auto giant that had inadvertently bought an insert on a pornographic page. Advertisers have quickly understood the value of these pop-up given the number of companies that are financed by advertising on the web. Today Zuckerman apologizes for his invention that started with good intentions. Now the attack ads seem less frequent on the internet with the rise of pop-up blockers pre-installed in browsers. But advertisers are always one step ahead… Thanks to cookies, it is possible to know a lot of users to display targeted advertisements. The ad is also discreet. It often hides in the content of a website.

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