Google Car (2010)

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Drive safely with a Google Car ! This driverless car designed by Google will one day be available to the public… The project was initiated by Sebastian Thrun, co-inventor of Google Street View. This self driving vehicle is equipped with a high performance control system. A positioned on the roof of the car rotating Lidar sensor to generate an accurate three-dimensional map of the environment. Google Car is also equipped with a camera, radar, GPS and many other sensors. The autonomous vehicle in permanent awakening – unlike a lambda driver – should significantly reduce the number of accidents on the roads. Google respects Car speed, lights and other road signs. It automatically slows the passage of a pedestrian, departs to make room for a cyclist… The software developed by Google anticipates the reactions of drivers around. A technological marvel that will one day all vehicle passengers to travel with peace of mind while surfing the internet, watching a movie or just enjoying the landscape…



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