Q.rad smart heater

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A high-power computing in the cloud and green heat where it is most effective… Forget the expensive data centers: the French company Qarnot computing invented the Q.rad smart heater. Its hot spring consists of computing processors that can heat almost free and effectively a home or business premises. The device is completely silent. The electric heater takes instructions from data processing via the Internet. Q.rad which contains the equivalent of four large computers used to provide huge amount of computation to banks and others. It is the source of income for Qarnot computing. More high-power computing is important, more digital heaters will heat. A thermostat control system can adapt the number of calculations performed by the processors according to the temperature desired by the occupants. One of these radiators is capable of heating ecologically a room of about 15 m2. In the future, the Q.rad smart heater will be equipped with sensors. It will therefore provide a service of high performance computing, heating and will also in elderly for example automatically contact the emergency services in case of falling people.


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