Wistiki : app to localize your lost items

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Find your keys, your wallet or your car… Wistiki, this connected device should delight those who are used to lose their items. The Wist, a small white square was invented by the French, Bruno Lussato. It clings to your keychain, slides into a handbag or simply accompanies the teddy of your child… With an Wistiki App. installed on your smartphone, you can make it sound remote and geotag your lost items worldwide. It’s the same if your smartphone is lost : make it ring by pressing the Wist. The application will transmit GPS coordinates corresponding to the last position of Wistiki recorded by the mobile phone. Radar allows to approach as close as possible to the lost object before make it sound. There is also an electronic leash mode that allows user to be notified instantly on the smartphone when the Wist goes away from you.


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