Viaskin® Peanut : skin patch to treat peanut allergy

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Treat peanut allergy, one of the most common and potentially fatal food allergies… The French start-up biotechnology, DBV Technologies has developed Viaskin® Peanut, a patch to desensitize people allergic to peanut. This treatment is soft. Viaskin® Peanut Patch should be used by the patient daily for 12 months of treatment. Viaskin® contains a pure peanut protein that penetrates the surface layers of the skin and then migrate to the lymph nodes where it activates the immune system. Patented technology has spray a liquid solution of electrically charged proteins on the film of Viaskin® patch.
Only in the United States, peanut allergies affect about 1% of the US population. These millions of people affected are often afraid to eat without knowing foods containing peanuts. Viaskin® would thus improve their quality of life. The first clinical trials Viaskin® 250 μg proved successful especially in children. Their rate of response to treatment exceeded 53%.


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